Miami has a reputation as a party city. It’s a place where America comes to unwind and also a place that attracts tourists in search of the American dream of a laid back lifestyle at the edge of the ocean, great food and even greater cocktails – enjoyed on the edge of Miami Beach as the sun sinks into the Atlantic Ocean.

This is a place where people flock to escape the winder chills that affect most of the United States. As a bonus Miami offers exceptional fusion cuisine and enormously attractive art deco architecture and of course wonderful beaches.

With this in mind what are the best attractions that should be on your bucket list when you take your long anticipated trip to take in the delights of this iconic American city.

If you’re in Miami with a luxury car rental and want to take in the sun, sea and sand in front of some of the most iconic art deco buildings in the world then you will simply have to spend some time on South Beach.

This is where everyone can feel like they’re starring inn their own Hollywood production. The art deco buildings have been featured in so many Hollywood blockbusters that they almost seem familiar.

For those with a bit of retail therapy in mind there can be no more scenic or interesting place to place some pressure on a credit card than the Bayside Marketplace. the market overlooks Miami’s waterfront and docks and its outdoor vibe makes for the perfect day out browsing for that special something to remember any trip to Miami.

Of course there are numerous eateries that line the market so foodies won’t go unfulfilled in their shopping endeavors.

For those with kids or those who simply want to enjoy some science mixed in with their holiday fun the Miami Science Museum is just what the doctor ordered.

A myriad of exhibits and attractions spanning several types of science and natural history and summer science camp for the kids makes it absolutely ideal for those who want to visit Miami and do more than just work on getting their tan up to scratch.

For those want to venture further afield and explore what make the Miami region so unique as far as flora and fauna are concerned then a trip to the Everglades national Park is a simple must.

The swamps of the Everglades are home to the world famous alligators, but there are also numerous other reptiles, an enormous amount of bird life and other swamp creatures.

The best way to enjoy the experience is to take advantage of the many tours offered on board an air boat. this high speed adventure is the perfect way to get up close and personal with the denizens of this fascinating part of the Miami area.

I trip to Miami can be anything that the visitor wants it to be. it can be an adrenaline filled adventure or a laid back break in the sunshine – but one thing is for sure – it’s a place that should not be missed.

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